Monday, December 28, 2015

Hellsing volume 2


Today's post is on Hellsing volume 2 by Kohta Hirano. It is 186 pages long including a short story at the end and is published by Dark Horse. As it is the second a series you need to have read the first one to understand the story. The cover has Alucard and Seres on it with bug guns. There is language, sexuality ,and lots of violence in this volume and series. The story is mostly told from Seras perspective. There Be Spoiler Ahead.

From the back of the book- A world of murder and mayhem, political intrigue and religious conflict, monster and undead heroes boils beneath the radar of regular existence. And it's bomb-grade business! There's the cute little police girl, Victoria Seras, a recently turned vampire, who refuses to drink blood and become the real things (but she's still a darn good fighter): the super swank super-vampire Alucard, who hasn't completely shown his abilities; and the old butler Walter, who's got some tricks under his trousers as well. This is but a taste of the characters killing and being killed in Hellsing, and the action is just beginning.

Review- This volume has some very funny moments. Alucard and Anderson are trying to start fighting when Sir Hellsing goes to meet with the Vatican vampire hunters. Seras and Walter plan on them getting into, so they have a bunch of innocent Japanese tourists come in to the room. I am not doing this scene justice because it is hilarious. Lots of plot building in this volume. We learn that there is a group that both Hellsing and the Vatican want is in the shadows and they are doing something bad. The fist half is about an attack on the Hellsing building and it is a very good fight scene with some good one-liners. All in all I liked this volume better than the first. It was funnier, the plot made more sense, and I am getting used to the art style.

I give this volume Five out of Five stars. I get nothing for my review and I bought this manga with my own money.