Friday, September 30, 2011

Just a short review for now. I may add more to it later. But without further ado here it is.

Heat Wave review

 Heat wave is Richard Castle's first book about his character Nikki Heat. It is published by Hyperion Books in New York. It is 198 pages long, so it's a very slim book but if you're a fan of Castle Copyright of ABC the TV series then you want to pick this one up for a quick read. It starts with Detective Nikki Heat(Beckett) rolling up to a crime scene and it is a grisly one. A real-estate tycoon has been thrown to his death from his sixth floor condo. The city is in the grip of a heat wave (thus the title of the book) and murder just makes it hotter. Heat is being followed around by a hot-shot journalist named Jameson Rook(Castle) who has the hots for her. he is following her around to do a piece about the NYPD and how they really work. They interview the victim's wife, as they are leaving the site is assaulted by a mystery man. He runs from Heat/Rook, they give chase. After follows an amusing tale of affairs, more murders, some sex on the side and art theft. For not a long book very entertaining but I wouldn't buy it. It's just too thin on plot and characters for me. If you don't watch the show then you don't get much of the humor in the book. I will read the second and third in the series and I will, no doubt, enjoy them but if trashy murder mysteries aren't your thing then don't. But you love the cop language, the over-the-top everything then Heat Wave is for you.

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Monday, September 26, 2011


This is a test of the book talk by Lynn Rainey. I'm just seeing that I have this set up right. I will posted a blog about what new book I have just finished soon. I read just about everything so expect to see YA, hard sci-fi, mystery, fantasy and whatever else catches my eye. I will describe the book, the cover art, the way that the title is placed, who published it and is its in a series what (if I know) the other titles are. I hope to hear from people who read the posts and I hope to help people decide what to read next. Thanks!