Friday, October 24, 2014

Samurai Deeper Kyo volume 30


Today’s post is Samurai Deeper Kyo volume 30 by Akimine Kamijyo. It is published by Tokyopop. As it is the 30th in the series you need to have read the first 29 to understand the story. The cover is special because this is the 30th volume the cover is a full wrap around color art piece; on the front is Kyo, Yuya, and Yukimura with the rest of the gang on the back. There is language, implied nudity, and lots of violence in this volume. The intended reader is someone who likes samurai manga, tons of plot and characters, and unexpected love stories. The story is told from the third person god perspective of the main characters with their thoughts added in for plot and character development. There Be Spoilers Ahead.

From the back inside cover- what makes a man a samurai? His body, his blade or his spirit?
Kyo makes one final attempt to stop Kyoshiro from taking his body and Yuya away, but Kyoshiro’s power and interference from Hishigi prevent him from doing so. Meanwhile Hotaru, Benitora, Akira, and Shenrei are traveling through Tokito’s territory, trying to reach the captive Bontenmaru. But Tokito’s territory is not without risk, and the group soon finds itself at the mercy of Yuan’s brother Anthony!

Review- So everything that I think that I cannot dislike Kyoshiro anymore he does stuff like this. The whole reason he is wants Yuya and takes her and Kyo’s body is because he is jealous of Kyo. Kyoshiro is the golden boy to the Mibu and they were/are going to make him the next crimson king but Kyo is the last true Mibu and the former crimson king wants Kyo to be the next one not Kyoshiro. I realize that I am simplifying Kyoshiro’s thoughts and actions but it all comes back to jealously of Kyo. Kyo is the better fighter, he was born to be the next crimson king, and Yuya loves him. But we spend most of the volume with the rest of the gang and Hotaru is still funny. Shinrei and Akira realize that they have a lot in common and good character development happens. Because it is the 30th volume Kamijyo odes little things in the on plot pages to make it special. One thing that was really funny in this volume was the character’s sum up the plot of the series. Hotaru’s is the best- I fought Kyo. I lost. I quit the Five stars. Shin-rei got mad. That’s it, that is the whole plot according to Hotaru. Good times. Only eight more volumes to go then I will be done with my favorite manga.

I give this volume a Five out of Five stars. I get nothing for my review and I bought this manga with my own money.