Friday, July 11, 2014

Samurai Deeper Kyo Volume 15

Today’s post is on Samurai Deeper Kyo Volume 15 by Akimine Kamijyo. It is published by Tokyopop and is the 15th in the series. You need to have read the previous volumes to understand the story. The cover has Kyo, Yukimura, Benitora, and Sasuke on it looking cool. There is language, implied nudity, and lots of violence in this book and series; older teen and adults only. The story is told from god prespective with character thought’s added in for plot and character development. There Be Spoilers Ahead.

From the back of the book- Kyo and company finally penetrate the Mibu headquarters. Later, while fighting off an onslaught of Mibu assassins, Bontenmaru and Akira fall into an enemy trap! But when Bontenmaru encounters Tokito of the Four Elders, he learns an amazing secret… The action-packed samurai epic continues!

Review- Kyo and Yuya have so many great interactions in this volume. They argue, they ignore each other, and then they talk about it. The picture of a healthy and loving relationship that makes me laugh. Bontenmaru gets his own chapter. We learn more about what drives him and yay! Akira is a main character now! We do not see too much of him but I am so happy that he is here and here to stay now. Saskue and Benitora are getting closer to being back with the main group and that gives us the chance to see into the Mibu testing labs. One thing that I really like about Kamijyo’s art style is that she does not over do the gore. In the test labs she could have made it really gory and I think that would have taken away from the story and character development. But because she did not go that way I think that makes the blood that is there more impactful. With time running out for Yuya the pressure is on. I love this series.

I give this manga a Five out of Five stars. I get nothing for my review and I bought this manga with my own money.