Saturday, July 5, 2014

Samurai Deeper Kyo volume 14


Today’s post is on Samurai Deeper Kyo volume 14 by Akimine Kamijyo and is published by Tokyopop. As it is the 14th volume in the series you need to have read the previous ones to understand the story. On the cover is Kyo, Shinrei, and Hotaru looking cool and ready to fight. The intended reader is someone who is a fan samurai manga, complex plots, and surprising romance. There is language, lots of violence and some partial nudity. Older teens and adults only. The story is told in third person God point of view with some inner thoughts of the characters to add character and plot development. There Be Spoilers Ahead.

From the back of the book- In the midst of Bontenmaru’s battle with the Mibu assassin, Firefly, Goyousei Chinmei suddenly appears! With his sights set on the Mibu headquarters, the time comes when Kyo and Muramasa must part… As the gang begins its hurried journey, Akira appears, carrying the ultimate prize: Kyo’s true body!

Review- So Kyo has learned everything that Muramasa can teach him so it is time to continue on the journey. Akira is now a main character and the Mibu now have Kyo’s true body. Add the pressure of Yuya’s time limit being put down to 12 hours and you have a very annoyed Kyo. He is at his best when he is annoyed. Not too much in character development in this volume but the plot gets going again. As much as I love Kyo Akira is something special. All three of them get to do lots of fighting and we have some good dialog to go with it. Now the bad guys take the time that Yuya has left with her water dragon and cuts to twelve hours. They have twelve hours to get to Shinrei and defeat him or Yuya will die. Only two more of the Four Emperors to get than they are all together again. More fighting and drama is certain and I love every minute of it.

I give this manga a Five out of Five stars. I get nothing for my review and I bought this manga with my own money.