Friday, July 21, 2017

Vampire Hunter D; Message from Mars volume 1


Today's post is on Vampire Hunter D; Message from Mars volume 1 by
Drawn to Mars by an ancient message from Cecile, a girl who could see the future, D arrives to find a colony that is little more than a blood farm. With Left Hand by his side, D sets out to cleanse Mars of the vampire scourge. 

Review- This volume sets up an interesting story with a mystery at the heart. Cecile summoned D to Mars to kill the Nobles that are living there and from what she says to kill her. She starts by telling him that she has always been able to see the future but even she could not have foreseen the Nobles or what would birth them. D and Left Hand are fighting their way to her as we read the message that she send D. We get to see some of the Nobles and their creatures. But this is just setting up the world for us. I look forward to the next volume to see what happens next. The art is amazing for this volume. It is so beautiful and the story is very fast paced. If you are not familiar with D and his world this is not the best place to start but if you are a fan then you need to pick this up.

I give this volume a five out of Five stars. I get nothing for my review and I backed the kickstarter for the comic series.