Monday, July 31, 2017

Otomen volume 17


Today's post is on Otomen volume 17 by Aya Kanno. It is the seventeenth in her Otomen series. It is 192 pages long and is publishes by Shojo Beat. As this is the seventeenth volume in this series, you need to have read the first sixteen volumes to understand the story. The cover is a very light pink with Juta, Hajime, and Kitora on it looking at the reader. The intended reader is someone who likes shojo manga, humor, and love stories. There is no foul language, no sex, and no violence in this manga. The story is told from third person close of the main character with moments of the other characters added in for plot development. There Be Spoilers Ahead.

From the back of the book- In her quest to get Asuka to turn away from his otomen ways, Asuka mom, Kiyomi, cancels his favorite shojo manga, Love Chick! What's worse, she plans to break up Asuka and Ryo! Will Asuka succumb to his mother's anti-otomen schemes?!

Review- Asuka's mother has lost her mind. Not only is she threatening innocent people, she is pretending to be deathly ill from the shock of learning that Asuka is an otomen. I did not ever really like his mother but in these last two volumes, she has lost all sympathy that I had for her at the beginning of the series. She knows that Asuka is unhappy and lonely but because he acting like a 'real' man she does not care. We are to believe that she believes she is doing this to Asuka for his own good but I do not believe that. I think that she is doing everything to make herself happy; no matter the cost to others or even to Asuka himself. Kanno is going to have to something really big to get me forgive Asuka's mother for this. But with only one volume left I am not sure that she can.

I give this this volume a Four of Five stars. I get nothing for my review and I bought this manga with  my own money.