Friday, September 16, 2016

Servants of the Storm


Today's post is on Servants of the Storm by Delilah S. Dawson. It is a standalone novel. It is 376 pages long and is published by Simon Pulse. The cover is brown with a girl in red, leaning like she is being blown over by wind. The intended reader is someone who likes horror, expected plots, and lots of twists. There is some mild language, no sex, and violence in this book. The story is told from the first person close of the main character Dovey. There Be Spoilers Ahead.

From the dust jacket- A year ago, Hurricane Josephine swept through Savannah, Georgia, leaving behind nothing but death and destruction—and taking the life of Dovey’s best friend, Carly. Since that night, Dovey has been in a medicated haze, numb to everything around her.
But recently she’s started to believe she’s seeing things that can’t be real…including Carly at their favorite cafĂ©. Determined to learn the truth, Dovey stops taking her pills. And the world that opens up to her is unlike anything she could have imagined.
As Dovey slips deeper into the shadowy corners of Savannah—where the dark and horrifying secrets lurk—she learns that the storm that destroyed her city and stole her friend was much more than a force of nature. And now the sinister beings truly responsible are out to finish what they started.

Dovey's running out of Time and torn between two paths. Will she trust her childhood friend Baker. wjp can't see the threatening darkness but promises to never give up on Dovey or Carly? Or will she plot with the sexy, stranger, Isaac, who offers all the answer- for a price? Soon Dovey realizes that the danger closing in has little to do with Carly... and everything to do with  Dovey herself. 

Review- A good introduction to adult horror for teens. But that I mean really no answer, no good guys, and everything is not real. I was having trouble enjoying this book until I decided to see the world as if Dovey is crazy. Then everything worked much better for me. When I was trying to make this a supernatural novel it was just not working for me. But if Dovey really has lost her handle on reality then everything makes sense for me.You could read that everything is really happening but I do not think that it would make the story scarier if it was all real. Maybe I should have read the book in that way but it did not work for me. If you want a interesting horror novel to try and get into horror then this book an excellent place to start.

I give this book a Four out of Five stars. I get nothing for my review and I borrowed this book from my local library.