Monday, July 13, 2015

XXXHolic volume 15


Today's post is on XXXHolic volume 15 by CLAMP. It is the Fifteenth in the series, so you need to have read the first fourteen to understand the story. It is 170 pages long and is published by DEL REY. The cover has Yuko, on it looking very pretty, with Watanuki and the illustration wrapping around on the back. The intended reader is someone who likes Japanese mythology, ghost stories, and very pretty pictures. The story is told from Watanuki's perspective. There Be Spoilers Ahead.

From the back of the book- Kimihiro is having some wish-granting success with his very first customer, but his efforts are interrupted by a disturbing dream of the witch Yuko vanishing forever. Even people Yuko has helped are saying they've never heard of her. Too bad there is no such things a "just a dream" in Kimihiro's universe...

Review- This volume is very sad. We do not know what is really happening to Yuko but she is disappearing. Watanuki, of course, is very upset about this. When he demands what he can do for her, she tells him that him existing is her wish. That Watanuki being real is more than enough for her, I had tears in my eyes. Watanuki swears that he will meet her again at the end of the volume. Watanuki learning how to grant wishes himself is an interesting and of course telling event in the series. But now where is the story going to go? And not much more left, so onward into the end bitter or sweet.

I give this volume a Five out of Five stars. I get nothing for my review and I bought this manga with my own money.