Friday, March 20, 2015

Lost Covenant


Today's post is on Lost Covenant by Ari Marmell. It is the third in his Widdershins series. It is 277 pages long and is published by Pyr books. The cover is white with Widdershins in black on a stone wall. The intended reader is someone who is interested in high fantasy, humor, strong female characters, and good writing. Everyone about 13 and above would enjoy this book and series. There is some mild language, no sex, and lots of violence in this book. The story told in third person perspective of mostly Widdershins but sometimes other characters for plot growth. There Be Spoilers Ahead.

From the dust jacket- It's been six months since the thief Widdershins and her own personal god, Olgun, fled the city of Davillon. During their travels Widdershins unwittingly discovers that a noble house is preparing to move against the last surviving bastion of the Delacroix family. Determined to help the distant relatives of deceased adoptive father, Alexandre Delacroix, she travels to a small town at the edge of the nation. There, she works at unraveling a plot involving this rival house an a local criminal organization, all while under intense suspicion from the very people she's trying to rescue. Along the way, she'll have to deal with a traitor inside the Delacroix family, a mad alchemist, and an infatuated young nobleman who won't take no for an answer.

Review- Just like the other two Widdershins novels I loved this book. Widdershins does not do as much growth in this one but she does make peace with things. She blames herself for what happened in the last book as she is running away. Because she is away from home we get to see what is going to come in the next book. Marmell has not done foreshadowing in the other books but iftis everywhere in this one. I wish that there was more than one more book in this series but it has been so solid. The writing, the plot pacing, characterization, setting, everything about this series is just great. One problem that I have with the blurb is the young nobleman does take no for an answer. The problem is that Widdershins does not know what he is asking until the last few chapters in the book. When she does, she says no, and he backs off. He is still interested in her but he is not being pushy.

I give this book a Five out of Five stars. I get nothing for my review and I borrowed this book from my local library.