Monday, December 22, 2014

MARS volume 1


Today's post is on MARS volume 1 by Fuyumi Soryo. It was published by Tokyopop. The cover has one of the main character's Rei on it. The intended reader is teenage girls but both sexes can read it and enjoy. There is some mild language, talk and the start of a sexual assault, and no violence in this volume. The story is told from third person god perspective with character's thoughts added for plot and character development. There Be Spoilers Ahead.

From the back of the book- Star-Crossed Lovers
Kira and Rei might as well be from different planets. She's a shy art student, afraid of boys and hated by her classmates. He's a rebellious motorcycle racer with girls dropped left and right just to talk to him. Their lives become intertwined when Kira asks Rei to model for her and, to everyone's surprise, he agrees. As these two battle their personal demons and the pressures of their classmates, they learn to not only love each other, but themselves.

Review- This was one of the first manga I ever read. It has all the teen drama. We have opposites, jealously, bullying, twins, abusive homes, teen sex, you name it MARS has it. I loved it when I was 19 to 20. So I am hoping that I will love it now. The first volume of MARS introduces some of those themes I just listed. Kira is very shy so people think that they can take advantage of her. I know why but seeing her being assaulted by the teacher is still as shocking today as it was when I first read it. I like Rei better than from what I remember the first time. I see a broken kid without the love that he needs to handle his problems. Kira is not as much of a doormat as the blurb makes her to be. I think that because if she really wants something she speaks up. Like about getting Rei to model for her. She loves her art more than her fear. And that is what makes this story move forward. Kira being willing to risk for her art. I look forward to all the drama I know it coming.

I give this volume a Five out of Five stars. I get nothing for my review and I bought with manga with my own money.