Friday, March 8, 2013

The Mysterious Benedict Society and The Prisoner's Dilemma

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's Dilemma (The Mysterious Benedict Society, #3)
Today's post is on 'The Mysterious Benedict Society and The Prisoner's Dilemma' by Trenton Lee Steward and illustrations by Diana Sudka. It is 391 pages long with each chapter having the charming illustrations like all the other books in the series. It is published by Little, Brown and Company which is an imprint of Hachette Book  Company. The cover has the children on a bus climbing, riding, and directing as usual. The intended reader is children over the age of eight but really anyone can read this series and this book and have a wonderful time. There Be Spoilers Ahead.

From the dusk jacket- If You Fail, All Is Lost. Join the Mysterious Benedict Society as Reynie, Kate, Sticky, and Constance embark on a daring new adventure that threatens to force them apart from their families, friends, and even each other. When an unexplained blackout engulfs Stonetown, the foursome must unravel clues relating to a nefarious new plot, while their search for answers brings them closer to danger.
Is This The End Of The Mysterious Benedict Society?

Review- Like all the other books in the series, I really enjoyed reading this book. The children are just as charming, the writing is just as good, and the plot is fun with just the right amount of danger in it. The only thing I am worried about is where Steward can go from here. In the end the bad guy is not only in prison but he maybe reforming. Mr. Benedict's long searched for cure has come to him. The end is a good end but I do not want this series to just have three volumes, not counting the prequel about Mr. Benedict. This series is wonderful and deserves more stories from this world. Steward is a wonderful writer, who can balance bad guys with riddles, and having the children in scary places but never scaring the reader because we know that they will get out of it. The interesting twist with Constance being able to read minds is not overdone but just right amount of interesting and fun.  Other than thinking Steward may have written himself into a corner I have nothing bad to say about this book. Read it because you will have a wonderful time.

 I give this one Four and a half stars our of Five. I get nothing for my review; I borrowed this book from my local library.