Monday, March 27, 2017

Monster Collection volume 5


Today' s post is on Monster Collection volume 5 by Itoh Sei. It is 162 pages long and is published by CMX. The cover is blue with the main character standing in the rain with lightening behind her. The intended reader is someone who likes high action series with humor added in to keep it from getting too dark. There is mild foul language, nudity, implied sexuality, and lots of violence in this series. The story is told from third person god perspective but it closely follows our brave heroes. There Be Spoilers Ahead.

From the back of the book- The Sleeping Dragon Awakes!
Centuries ago, summoners of the ancient empire transferred their collective knowledge into a giant, organic super-computer- the encyclopedia Verum. Now, Lord Duran, agent of chaos, has tapped into it, seeking control over all the world's creatures. But the great blue dragon that was enslaved to guard the Encyclopedia is nursing a grudge. With Kasche and friends outnumbered against Duran's forces, their only hope might lie with unleashing her- the most dangerous creature ever summoned.

Review- Lots of action in this volume. The fallen angel is finally beaten by Cuervo and it gives some of its power to him. Kasche must go into the mind of the great dragon to try and get her free. But they are still surrounded by the fire ants and the evil summoner who wants to kill everyone now because it makes him happy. To free the great dragon, Kasche must first stop the defenses that the Encyclopedia has to protect itself from intruders. Kasche ends up summoning something that she may not be able to control and the volume ends with that thought. This is only volume to have nudity it in so far and that is when Kasche is in the spirit realm trying to get to the great dragon. It is used to give her vulnerability but it turns a little sexual towards the end and I feel that was unnecessary. But it does not last long so there is that but still it was not needed.

I give this volume a Four out of Five stars. I get nothing for my review and I bought this manga with my own money.