Monday, November 28, 2016

Rurouni Kenshin volume 19


Today's post is on Rurouni Kenshin volume 19 by Nobuhiro Watsuki. It is 192 pages long and is published by Shonen Jump. The cover has Kenshinon the bottom with Enishi on top and Tomoe between them. It is the nineteenth volume in the long running series. You have to have read the first eighteen in the series to understand the story. The intended reader is someone who likes historical stories, manga, and interesting characters. There is no foul language, no sex, but some violence in this series. The story is told from third person close following different characters. There Be Spoilers Ahead.

From the back of the book- It began with a sin, committed by Kenshin, back during his bloody days as hitokiri or a government-sanctioned slayer of men. Although stopping most of the assassins who still come seeking revenge should be easy enough, what of the innocent--Sanosuke and Yahiko (Kenshin's comrades), everyone at Akabeko Inn (Kenshin's friends), Kaoru (Kenshin's...?). For once there was another love in Kenshin's life, one which--given his nature--must by definition have been tragic. Can Kenshin escape the shades of his past, and find the will to fight for the real world--for the living--for reality?!

Review- We finish the two fights from the last volume and at last Kenshin's past is going to be revealed. Kenshin meets Enishi as he is returning to the dojo after his fight. Enishi explains what he is doing. He wants Kenshin to suffer and he knows that just punishing or even killing Kenshin will not make that happen. He is going to destroy everyone who has even spoken to Kenshin in passing. Enishi's very presence is playing with Kenshin's mind. He is starting to see things like skulls all around him and Tomoe beside Enishi. Until now the villains that Kenshin has fought were driven towards personal goals, or greedy, or mad. But from I have seen of Enishi so far is he just insane. He talks to Tomoe and hears her response to him. I am very excited about this last arc in Rurouni Kenshin and to see where everyone is going to end up.

I give this volume a Five out of Five stars. I get nothing for my review and I bought this manga with my own money.