Friday, August 22, 2014

Samurai Deeper Kyo volume 21


Today’s post is on Samurai Deeper Kyo volume 21 by Akimine Kamijyo. It is published by Tokyopop. As it is the 21st in the series you need to have read the previous volumes to understand the story. The cover has Hotaru and Shinrei looking cool with water and tattoo’s and stuff. The intended reader is someone who loves samurai manga, interesting romance, and fight scenes. The story is told from third person god perspective with character’s thoughts thrown in for plot and character development. There is violence, some language, and no sex in this volume. There Be Spoilers Ahead.
From the back of the book- Kyo and his party face off at the Fifth Gate- in the battle to kill off Shinrei, Kyo uses Mizuchi and Suzaku, his most powerful attacks, but they aren’t enough. With waterwyrms squeezing the life out of Yuya and Shinrei refusing to take them out of her body, the only way to save Yuya now is to kill Shinrei!
Review- Finally Kyo and Shinrei are fighting it out. I liked Shinrei okay before this volume but he is such a stubborn ass that I just lose all liking for him. Hotaru feels the same way. Kyo is still pretty hurt from his earlier fights so Hotaru has caught up with them and he decides that it is time to settle things with Shinrei. As they are brothers there is a lot to settle. Arika is still fun because him and Hotaru have a frenemy relationship. The dialog between Hotaru and Shinrei is just hilarious. They are telling each other off and that the other needs to stop fighting and grow up. I really enjoyed their interactions. More beautiful art in this one. Wide scenes with Kyo and company, full two page pictures with so much action in the images. Once again the story and art are just top of the line. I really love this series and I highly recommend it.
I give this manga Five out of Five stars. I get nothing for my review and I bought this manga with my own money.