Friday, May 23, 2014

Samurai Deeper Kyo Volume 5


Today’s post is on Samurai Deeper Kyo Volume 5 by Akimine Kamijo. It is the fifth in the series and you need to have read the previous volumes to get the story. The cover has Kyo, and Yukimura on it looking cool. There is strong language, sexuality, and lots of violence in this series. The story is told from third person god point of view with the thoughts of the characters sometimes added for character development and history. There Be Spoilers Ahead.

From the back of the book- Who is the real Demon Eyes Kyo?
For a man without a body, Demon Eyes Kyo is in hot demand. Yuya Shiina needs him for his bounty and to find her brother’s killer. Yukimura Sanada wants him to assassinate the shogun. And now, Kyo is hunted by the legendary 12 God Shoguns as well. But just who is Demon Eyes Kyo? A cold-blooded murderer or an honor-bound warrior? One this is certain- now that he knows the location of his body, no one, human or demon, will stop him from getting it back!

Review- Kyo and Yuya’s relationship is starting to grow and how that is going to affect Kyo for the rest of the series. Kyo knows who killed her brother and he asks her to trust him. Yuya’s trust is very important to the series and the character development of all the characters in the story. Because she trusts Kyo and is willing to listen to him something changes. Kyo is the thousand man slayer but is that all he is? With that question and others like it Yuya begins her great character growth too. Not that Kyo is no less an ass from now on. He is still a world class asshole to everyone but there is a change in him. Not that he likes it either. Another main character makes an appearance Akira. He had been Kyo’s apprentice from before the battle of Sekigahara. He is one of my favorite characters. He is very fun. He is clever, funny, and I like his interactions with rest of the characters. But it will be a while before he becomes a main stay. So I will have to be content with his appearance for now.

I give this volume Five out of Five stars. I get nothing for my review and I bought this manga with my money long ago.