Friday, December 27, 2013

The Osiris Curse


Today’s post is on The Osiris Curse by Paul Crilley. It is the second in his Tweed & Nightingale series. It is 286 pages long and is published by PYR. The cover has the two main characters looking cool and steampunky with flying machines, pyramids, and with an evil looking mummy in the background. The intended reader is young adult but again if you read the first one and liked it then you like this one. The story is told from third person close moving from Tweed to Nightingale from chapter to chapter. There is no sex, mild language, and mild violence in this book. There Be Spoilers Ahead.

From the dust jacket- When Nikola Tesla is murdered and blue prints for his super weapons are stolen, Sebastian Tweed and Octavia Nightingale are drawn into a global cat and mouse chase with his killers. What’s more, it seems that the people who shot Tesla are the same people responsible for Octavia’s mother’s disappearance. As the two cases intertwine, Tweed and Nightingale’s investigations lead them to a murdered archeologist and a secret society called The Hermetic Order of Osiris. Fleeing the cult’s wrath, they go undercover on The Albion, a luxury airship setting out on her maiden voyage to Tutankhamen’s View, a five star hotel built in the hollowed out and refurbished Great Pyramid of Giza.
In Egypt, the duo begins to unravel the terrible truth behind Tesla’s death, a secret so earth shattering that is revealed it would mean rewriting the entire history of the world. But if the cult’s plans aren’t stopped, Britain may lose the future.

Review- I was very excited about this book and Crilley did not let me down. The plot picks up not long after the end of the first novel. With Tweed still dealing that he is Sherlock Holmes reborn and Nightingale still looking for her mother. The investigation starts with H. G. Wells’ stolen invisible device and ends up with a secret underworld of intelligent reptiles. I liked that we got to spend more time with Nightingale in this volume and I hope that continues in next book whenever that is going to be. The dialog between Tweed and Nightingale was still funny and good, the action scenes were bit more fun I think. I think that is because there was more time. In the first novel Tweed and Nightingale were moving against a clock that was winning but I did not feel that way in this one. I hope that Crilley is working on the third novel because I want to see where he is going. Tweed was finally starting to both deal with being Sherlock Holmes and accepting that he is himself and good enough. I look forward to more and hopefully soon.

I give this book a Five out Five Stars. I get nothing for my review and I borrowed this book from my local library.