Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dead Witch Walking

Today's post is on 'Dead Witch Walking' by Kim Harrison. It is 416 pages long and it published by Harper Voyager which is an imprint of HarperCollins Publishing. Yes I know that this is an older book but I have just gotten around to reading it. The cover is interesting, it is from the first scene with Rachel's back to the reader with a church in front of her.  The intended reader is adult who likes gritty urban fantasy with a heroine who grows over the story. There Be Spoilers Ahead.

Rachel Morgan is having a really bad day. Okay a really bad couple of months. She is a runner for the I.S or Inderand Bureau, meaning she keeps the bad supernaturals from getting away with it. But she has not had a good run in months. Her boss is keeping her from doing anything and Rachel does not know why. Well things go from bad to worse when she decides that she has had enough. With a living vampire friend Ivy and a pixy named Jenks she quits. That is when her boss puts a death warrant on her. With assassins of every kind chasing her, Rachel does the crazy thing, she goes after someone with a bounty on his head big enough to make everyone leave her alone. The chase scenes are excellent, the dialogue is funny and when Rachel is held prisoner I was really worried about her.

I went into this book expecting to enjoy it and I was right. I was impressed with this book for one thing. Within 35 pages I cared about all the trouble chasing Rachel. I was worried about her. I cared that she had no where to go and only two people that she could trust. That is very impressive for a first book in a series and with all that I read; it surprised me when I realized that I cared about her. That made me sit up and take notice of the excellence of the writing. It was a very easy read, I read two chapters a day and just flew through it. I do like the covers for the series because they do not show Rachel's face, I like this because it make other things about her stand out, like the charms she has on her handcuffs. The plot is interesting with villain being very evil, the good guys being very out-numbered, and the emotions that Harrison pulls out of the reader is very impressive. I am very glad that I have the next three volumes waiting for me on my to-read shelf. I did buy this series because my local book store had them on sale but it was a good buy.

My rating is 4 amulets and 1/2 pixy dust for a good time. I get nothing for my review and like I said I bought my copies from my local bookstore.