Thursday, October 6, 2011


This review is going to be about Possession by Elana Johnson. It is about a 15, almost 16, year old girl named Violet Schoenfeld called Vi by her friends. It takes place in a future where 99% of people are controlled by the Thinkers. The Thinkers tell you where do, what job you are going to do and who you are matched with. Vi's mother can not wait for her to turn 16 so then she's an adult and then can get her own home. Vi does not understand why her mother dislikes her so but it is okay because her match Zenn loves her. Zenn loves her so much that he joined the Forces, police basically, and he used to protect Vi. But somethings as changed about him. Now he does not call, he does not break curfew with her and he is becoming someone who just believes in the rules, like so many people around her. Vi is arrested for walking the park with a boy after dark. That is really where the book starts. In prison Vi meets Jag a baddie. Everyone is a goodie if they lived the way they are told to, if not or if they are born in the badlands free of Thinkers control, then they are baddies. Jag is different but he is different like Vi. He can not be controlled by the thought-transmissions, he hates the Thinkers and he loves to 'bad'. He and Vi break out of the prison before they can be sent for training. They spent most of the book on the run from the Thinkers and their leader Thane Myers. The journey is an interesting read, it is interesting to watch Vi become an adult in her thinking, it is still a romance between her and Jag, but she is thinking about why people are willing to be controlled and what kind of person does the controlling. I liked it a lot, I hope that there is going to be a second one because I did not like where it ended. It is 405 pages long, it is published by Simon Pulse. My only real problem with it is I do not understand the title or the cover art. Maybe I am just thick but I do not. It is for older YA but if the kid can handle thinking about had issues then go for it.